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  BROOKS CHEMICAL SERVICES BROOKS COMPANY is a reputable water proofing company working since 2001, we have well-equipped & experienced professional team involved in the structural repairing, water/heat proofing & seepage control solution to customers belong to industries, residential units & commercial buildings. Modern life style, safety for expensive interior & erosions in building structures demand appropriate solution to protect infrastructure of buildings, technological progress in construction industry has made possible today to correct leakage & seepage problems at lower cost without dismantling building structures We have competent & trained professionals that can provide you the best available services to repair any kind of leakage & moisture from your premises by using imported & effective chemicals at competitive prices with the best technical expertise. BROOKS COMPANY used by us are generally based on elastomeric, polymeric & bitumen membrane that protect your premises for longer lifespan. We are specialized in roof water proofing, heat insulation over the roof, bathroom sewerage lines leakage control without broken building structure, cracks & joints repair, basement water proofing, water tanks & swimming pools leakage control, Floor grouting in Basements & bathrooms, Anti-erosion transparent coating, water-tank cleaning, pest control & Termite Control Treatment. Our value clients including multinational organization, banks, industries, warehouses, commercial buildings & residential buildings & houses, we always care our customer’s satisfaction through reliable & effective services. Water & Heat Proofing, Protection of modern concrete structures is the most serious problem being faced by all stack-holders in the industry, technological progress in construction sector have been made possible today to overcome seepage issues. Cracks Filling – Reasons of Cracks: Cracks can take place due to chemical reactions in construction materials like mixture of old & new cement apply in construction. Leakage & Seepage: Control without destruction of building Leakage in roofs, water tanks, basement and bathroom sewerage system produces water droplets into walls, roof and foundation in building caused seepage appearance at close to bathrooms, roof ceilings. Rusting Transparent Coating, Rusting in fancy Stone & wooden work, Art work, Metal work, sanitary fittings, decorative components and expensive elevation of the premises situated nearby the sea climate infect most rapidly through the air moisture, oxidation, and ultra-violate ray. Water-Tank Waterproofing: Water tanks or swimming pools, it is always advisable to water proofing treatment inside surface and walls of the water tanks it ensures water will not seep through the tank. Termite Control & Proofing: The Termites is known as silent destroyers due to their ability to chew wood, flooring, books, & wall paper etc. it is social insect live in underground colonies or in moist areas under the ground. Water-Tank Cleaning & Chemical Treatment: The use of Water is the vital part in our life, so therefore it should be store in clean storage tank due to highly concerns of health. We provide tank cleaning and chemical (Chlorine) treatment that clean as well as kill germs, bacteria, and other unwanted particles from water tank. Treatment. Pest-Control Services: We offer the following pest control services with guaranteed results by WHO recommended insecticide for household through trained professionals. Termite Control and Proofing. Bed Bugs Control Treatment. Fumigation for Crawling & Flying insects: Fogging for flying insect control. Rodent Elimination Services. Ant & Wood borer control. Basement Water Proofing – Causes of Leakage: Underground water level which is underneath your basement floor or at the bottom of the walls is under significant pressure, due to the weight of groundwater above it pressing down.


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Mr Shahzad Ahmed Talpur
CONTACT US Address: House No.A-140, Block 13 D/2, Sehba Akhtar Road, Near City Lawn, Kashif food, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. Phone: 021-34981001 021-34980010 Mobile : 03002911507, 03219205552 03452228001, 03330300200
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